Sunday, April 17, 2011

And One Question Remains...

Haven't blogged in forever, for so many reasons, none of which are probably good enough.
The news for this year 2011? Trevor and I got a divorce. Too personal and painful to talk about it still, but we are very friendly to each other and will always put Olivia first, and that makes me happy right now. Three weeks ago my bishop told me "you may not get over this, but you!" - ain't that true? And so life goes on, but one question remains.... what should I name this blog now? Suggestions are welcome :)

The love of my life and I

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Joseph, Rossana and Samaya said...

Kika, I'm so sorry about your divorce. It must be difficult trying to deal with all the emotions that come along with this. If anything, this will make you an even stronger, wiser, caring, understanding and patient woman than what you already are:). This is a big trial, no doubt about it; but you will overcome it with all the support I'm sure you're getting from your good friends and family. Heavenly Father will always be there giving you a hand and guiding you even more so in those dark hours that you may sometimes have. I'm not going to pretend that I know how it feels, but I've seen very close friends dealing with this same situation and at first seems hard but it'll get easier. It took my friends a whole year to kind of show some healing. So hang in there, things will get better for YOU!!! Slowly but surely, they will get better.♥ Beso
PS: What do you think of "A new Chapter in my Life" or "Hope" or "My Life with Olivia" "Everyday is a new Chapter" just some ideas:)