Monday, June 20, 2011

We Have MOVED !!



---------------------------- "Bright New Day", The Blood Brothers Musical

Olivia and I have MOVED to another blog address!
Visit us, follow us and feel free to comment on !
Also, if your blog is private and you'd like me to have access, please send invitation to

Muito thanks! See you in my TCHONGA world! :)

still waiting

I am still waiting to hear suggestions on a new name for this blog.
In the meanwhile, here is Olivia this weekend on a Sao Joao party - a Brazilian June festivity.
My grandma sent the dress from Brazil, isn't it pretty?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

And One Question Remains...

Haven't blogged in forever, for so many reasons, none of which are probably good enough.
The news for this year 2011? Trevor and I got a divorce. Too personal and painful to talk about it still, but we are very friendly to each other and will always put Olivia first, and that makes me happy right now. Three weeks ago my bishop told me "you may not get over this, but you!" - ain't that true? And so life goes on, but one question remains.... what should I name this blog now? Suggestions are welcome :)

The love of my life and I

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I've Stopped Counting

I was my birthday on the 23rd of May. I used to love my birthdays, and I still love having an excuse to get friends together, have a little party, food, fun. But I don't get excited thinking o how old I am getting anymore. I've stopped counting the candles.

My dear friend Desiree attempted to throw me a surprise party this year but Trevor told me right away - I think because he really wanted ME to get all the details ready. He is no party planner and I, on the other hand, like to pretend I am. We were going to get together at a park but it was gray and rainning a lot, so we changed plans and told our friends to come over to the house. And a few minutes after that it's sunny and beautiful outside. Utah weather...
Here are some pictures of that day.
Yummie tres leches cake made by Desiree.
I simply LOVE her cakes!
Desiree, looking beautiful, and me, looking like a dufus.
Once I sat on the table to eat the cake,
there was no standing up!
Eventually I stood up and took some pictures.
Here with Helga and Katie.
The after-party! Luis, Manny, me, Trevor and Joel.
And here are two cute pictures of Olivia taken in May at friends' birthday parties. My cheeks are massive, I know. I know everything I have to do to feel pretty, but I have zero energy to work on it. Maybe one day. Hopefully someday soon. I'm getting OLD and it's starting to show!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh Hi There How Are Ya?

Has it really been almost two months since I last blogged? I can't believe it! I've thought about blogging a lot, actualy, and I think I need to be better at making a record of Olivia's developments and life. Yet I feel so tired all the time that I don't want to blog, or do much of anything else for that matter. How lame is that?!

Wel this is the raw version of what I've been up to:

I don't know if it's still PPD but I'm just exhausted... all... the... time. It feels like I use all the energy and physical strength I have to wake up and go to work and after that I am DONE. I lay on the couch and let Olivia play around waiting for her nap time to come, counting the minutes, the seconds. Even if she's not tired I put her in her crib and hope for the best. I nap too. I usually wake up from a nap feeling sick to my stomach but if I don't nap I don't want to leave the couch. Nausea, headache, muscle ache... where in the heck is all that coming from??? The cycle repeats itself until her bedtime. If Trevor is not working we might go out on a little walk or make dinner together. If it's just me and Olivia I call or text most the friends who live around here, asking who wants to hang out, to go to the mall, to walmart, ANYWHERE. Maybe if I get out of the house I won't feel as crapy? It usually works. So I am sorry I am a lazy bum recently, I'll try to do better.
But of course there are good days too! Olivia is the joy in our lives and she just makes us smile all the time! Today something really funny happened. She likes to put her hands on her face to hide her eyes as we ask "where's Olivia?" then she takes one hand off and we say "there she is!" or "picaboo!" and she giggles and giggles. Well today we were outside a little bit and I think she got tired. We came back inside and she was playing with her best friend and cousin Maya and then she sat down... she put her hands on her face and sat there... After a while Trevor started asking "where's Olivia?" to no response. Then Kat said "Is she praying??" and Trevor went closer and touched her and her upper body tipped over her legs. SHE HAD FALLEN ASLEEP! hahahahahah How funny is THAT? Love it! I wish I had taken a picture! I went there and brough her to bed. My sleepy and cute thing!

She is almost 14 months now. She walks everywhere! And dances, and "talks." The walking was also a funny thing. I think she started standing when she was 7 or 8 months and she would take one to three steps when she was about 11 months but never more than that. We had her bday party a week after she turned 1 and later that day she was walking EVERYWHERE! It was so weird! Both Trevor and I were looking at her in awe! Isn't it funny how those things happen from night to day?

So lets update you in pictures.
Here is March:

This was the invitation for her bday party.
I copied the idea from the TomKatStudio blog
and my friend Helga put it together. Isn't it cute?

Trevor stuck her face on the bday cake.
She spent the rest of the time licking herself like a little cat, so cute!
It was also the first time she had sugar... so you can imagine the diaper after that.

All cleaned up and wearing one of her new outfits and posing with mommy.
There are more pics of the party on our facebook.
I love this girl!
What are you laughing at? It's hard to walk or crawl at the pool!
(Lehi Legacy Center, AWESOME warm pool area!)

Here is April:
Easter. My grandma sent the tshirt that says "My 1st Easter"
in Portuguese and those are Brazilian Easter chocolate eggs. Yummie!

Going shopping.

Going shopping again.

Post piggy tail hair.
Big smile.Another big smile.
First time at a theatre performance. She did pretty good!
Gossiping away on my cellphone.
First time hiking the Y this summer.
There'll be more hikes to come.
She LOVED her backpack carrier!

Parent-Tot swimming classes at the Provo Rec Center.
She LOVES it!
As for May, I'll do it another time. This blogger is taking for-freakin-ever to upload pictures today. Or is it all the time? Anyway...
This girl is the love of our lives. She is amazing! We love her, so freakin much! You can also see some fun videos here.

What have you been up to? What are your plans for this Summer?

Monday, March 22, 2010

No Post Title, Just Feelings

Dear Olivia,

It is 7:27pm right now, Monday March 22, 2010. I am finally starting to feel better from a weekend full of stomach flu and am on the couch, watching Dancing with the Stars, while you stand next to my legs watching it as well. You just took a few steps from the couch towards the tv and as people on the screen started applauding the latest performance, you did the same. You are so cute and funny, it kills me!
Remember when you were in Heaven trying to decide what family you would come to and you chose Trevor and me? I sometimes wonder what drove you into that decision. Why us? Do you know why sometimes when I cuddle you to sleep I just look at you wondering what lullaby to sing next? I can't think of one because none really describes the amount of love I have for you, none is as sweet as your eyes, as comforting as your smile. Will you always remember that I love you with all my heart, that I would die for you, kill for you, walk on fire for you, go to hell and back for you?
I hope you know that. I hope you can feel it. It's been one year now since you've graced us with your presence, your sweet loving presence. You have learned to smile, to giggle and to laugh, you have learned to sit up, you respond to the name we gave you and you have spit up on us more times than we can count. You have learned a few cute sounds, you have started walking, you know who dada and mamae are, you like to turn the tv on and off with your tongue, you love to give us wet kisses, you also have the stinkiest poopy diapers on earth! You love going on walks, you have lots of fun on the swing at the park and you actually enjoy being at the daycare at the gym while your mama works out. You love your family, you're such a sweet delicate girl, you love to cuddle and we love to cuddle with you.
You have changed so much since you were born. That skinny fragile infant is not among us anymore. Your once straight black hair is now light brown and wavy. You have your grandpa Windhorst's hazel eyes and your mamae's nose. You also inherited your mamae's pudge belly and the butt... well that's a fight between your dada and your grandma Vila Nova. You surely have your dada's thick and strong thighs, which is the reason why only 18 month-old pants fit you right now. You have a beautiful natural tan that lots of people pay big bucks to have. You love to dance, you even dance to Law and Order's theme song! You're not a fan of movies but you seem to be hypnotized when Baby Signs is on. I love them too. You also love to eat, but mama is staying strong in her goal to not let you have junks or sweets until you're old enough to want them yourself. You are your dada's pride and he loves how obedient you are. You know your smile can get you whatever you want from your mamae but when dada means business, you listen. We love that about you.

We want to wish you a happy first year of life, Olivia. We pray that there will be many more to come! We want you to know that we could not be happier to have you in our family. You might grow to be our only child and we will do our best to provide you with the best opportunities there are in life. We might not give you brand name clothing - actually you already wear hand-me-downs. We might not buy you the latest generation electronics - heck, we are probably the only people on earth who don't have a flat screen tv. We will probably make you work and save money to buy your first car. But this we promise you: we will provide you with the best education and hope that you will love learning and languages and books as much as we do. We will take you to the parks, we will teach you to love and respect nature, we will make sure you visit your family and make good friends with them, we will try to teach you good work ethics and we will show you by example the goodness in being honest and the blessings that come from serving the Lord. We will be there to catch you each time you fall, we'll always have bandaids available and we will help mend those broken hearts. We will help dry your tears and we will hopefully be a reason for you to smile. We will do and be those things and much more because we love you, and we we could not love you any less!

Feliz Aniversario Meu Amor!
Mama e Dada

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back to Reality!

I got back from CA on Sunday afternoon and Trevor and Olivia got back from Arizona on Tuesday. It feels so good to be back together, back to reality!

California was fun, the weather was great and I did go to Disney once (to the California Adventure Park), courtesy of Tahitian Noni International. The rides I went on: Indiana Jones, Buzz Lightyear, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. Trip highlights in pictures:

Mickey Mouse rice crispy treats make me feel sexy, apparently.

Why didn't someone tell us to go to Splash Mountain LAST??

LOVED the Space Mountain, can you tell?

Love this!

Most people thought I was Hawaiian or Tahitian.
Is it the hair? The flower?
Then I told a guy I was Brazilian and he said
"Still pretty" Well, thank you!
(This cute girl is from Vietnam)

My cute roomate, from Moscow, but she lives in Provo,
graduated from BYU and plays tennis professionaly.
She and her boyfriend shared their first kiss before the trip.
Then yesterday he broke up with her via text message.

Dude, you're 27, breaking up via text? How mature...

One thing I decided though, if I do go back to either Disneyland or Disneyworld, I am not going on the rides! The company closed the park just for its employees and conference attendees, and it already took time to go around and get to the rides, imagine on a normal day? No way!

As to Olivia news...

Arizona weather called for a pedicure. Thanks aunties!

I'll never understand the fascination with trash/dirty diapers.

Now, when she is tired, she lays down on the floor.
If I don't catch it soon enough, she falls asleep.
So cute!

Olivia's two top teeth started cutting while she was in Arizona. This is it, people, my favorite gummy smile is going away... my baby is growing... I feel sad. I do! I want her to be a baby forever, to cuddle with me and pat my back and pull my hair. I love this child!!!

I was very upset yesterday... Put Olivia on the stroller and walked towards the Covey Center for the Arts, on Center Street in Provo, to take her to the BYU Young Company performance of A Thousand Cranes. It was going to be her very first theatre show and I was super excited to see her reaction! As we get there, though, the performance was cancelled because they "didn't sell enough tickets." Really? What message are you sending, Covey Center for the Arts? 20 children in the audience is not enough to keep your show running? I know artists need $$ to but we're talking about introducing children to performing arts here... *sigh* Just made me sad. Hopefully soon I'll be able to take Olivia to the theatre again. And I hope she'll like it like her mama does!

I am also looking forward to her first birthday party though! I hope it'll be as cute in reality as I see it in my mind. She'll be the cutest ladybug in town! :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It Is 'Did'!

I have sent the invitations to this blog so... hopefuly you can all see this? Yes? I hope so :)

I am leaving today, Wednesday, to Anaheim, CA where I'll work a little and party a lot, right here:

(California Adventure Park)

In the meantime Trevor is taking Olivia to Tucson to visit his parents. I get back on Sunday and Trevor & Olivia get back on Tuesday. I have felt sick most the day today with the thought of being away from Olivia for so long... have any of you ever gone through something like this? I KNOW it will be fine, I will be super busy and she will have a blast with grandma/grandpa/aunts/uncles/daddy in the perfect AZ weather, but its THE FIRST TIME that we stay more than 8hrs apart. I dont feel as sick now, I am so tired that I am trying not to think about it.

Pictures next week when we're back. In the meantime, try to deal with this piece of cuteness:

Got that onesie in Brazil of all places. The guy selling it thought it was awesome that I "got it". Second pic is bath a few days ago after a few issues with our tub. She's had a cold and cough for a little over a week, lost almost 3lbs in the process, can barely eat. But she's doing better, Dr said I have to wait it out... Too cute, though, even sick. I can't stand this girl... I just CAN'T!

Hope you'll all have a great weekend! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last One, I Guess

Olivia is 11 months old today. WHAT? I know all you moms probably feel the same way I do, and probably ask yourselves these same questions:
How and why is this happening??
Why is my baby getting so independent?
Why does she prefer the floor instead of my arms?
Where's that tiny fragile body that barely fit
between my breasts when she was born?
Ok, wait, that does NOT mean I want ANOTHER baby, not right now anyway, but I do miss my tiny piece of poops for sure!
So, to the love of my life, the main one responsible for me staying alive and having hope in life and the human race, OLIVIA, I love you so much! Te amo mais do que palavras possam descrever!
Once upon a time we went to the mall
Olivia had a MAJOR blowout
which was stinky and all...
And that's all she had left to wear.

We like Pilates.

And she loves dada.
And hopefully she loves mamae.
Happy 11 months of life, meu amor! :)
{got your emails, will be sending invites to this blog soon. thanks girlies!}

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Imagine I Am Chelsea Handler

and it will be totally ok that I am posting this...

Lets cut the crap and go straight to business.
Rachel, you did hurt me, a lot, a LOT, you know why and you know how much. I decided to keep the details of the situation unknown to "common friends," just because I think that's the adult thing to do, but apparently you didn't and you probably shared your version of what happened with Kristin because she obviously took a side, and that side was yours. Even though that was predictable because she was closer to you than to me, it still sucks that she obviously took your side when she never asked me for my version of the facts. But, whatever, people do what they gotta do. So Kristin, YES I took you off my blogroll and defriended you on FB.! I don't think you're losing sleep over it and neither am I. We all have to be selfish sometimes and do things for US. Yes, it saddened me that you went to one side of the fence without investigating the other but that's a choice you were entitled to make, and I was entitled to make my choice: cut you and Rachel out of my life. So lets stop with the subtle messages hidden in blog posts, put things out in the open and MOVE ON.

FYI, I feel 10lbs lighter now.
The End!