Thursday, March 4, 2010

Back to Reality!

I got back from CA on Sunday afternoon and Trevor and Olivia got back from Arizona on Tuesday. It feels so good to be back together, back to reality!

California was fun, the weather was great and I did go to Disney once (to the California Adventure Park), courtesy of Tahitian Noni International. The rides I went on: Indiana Jones, Buzz Lightyear, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. Trip highlights in pictures:

Mickey Mouse rice crispy treats make me feel sexy, apparently.

Why didn't someone tell us to go to Splash Mountain LAST??

LOVED the Space Mountain, can you tell?

Love this!

Most people thought I was Hawaiian or Tahitian.
Is it the hair? The flower?
Then I told a guy I was Brazilian and he said
"Still pretty" Well, thank you!
(This cute girl is from Vietnam)

My cute roomate, from Moscow, but she lives in Provo,
graduated from BYU and plays tennis professionaly.
She and her boyfriend shared their first kiss before the trip.
Then yesterday he broke up with her via text message.

Dude, you're 27, breaking up via text? How mature...

One thing I decided though, if I do go back to either Disneyland or Disneyworld, I am not going on the rides! The company closed the park just for its employees and conference attendees, and it already took time to go around and get to the rides, imagine on a normal day? No way!

As to Olivia news...

Arizona weather called for a pedicure. Thanks aunties!

I'll never understand the fascination with trash/dirty diapers.

Now, when she is tired, she lays down on the floor.
If I don't catch it soon enough, she falls asleep.
So cute!

Olivia's two top teeth started cutting while she was in Arizona. This is it, people, my favorite gummy smile is going away... my baby is growing... I feel sad. I do! I want her to be a baby forever, to cuddle with me and pat my back and pull my hair. I love this child!!!

I was very upset yesterday... Put Olivia on the stroller and walked towards the Covey Center for the Arts, on Center Street in Provo, to take her to the BYU Young Company performance of A Thousand Cranes. It was going to be her very first theatre show and I was super excited to see her reaction! As we get there, though, the performance was cancelled because they "didn't sell enough tickets." Really? What message are you sending, Covey Center for the Arts? 20 children in the audience is not enough to keep your show running? I know artists need $$ to but we're talking about introducing children to performing arts here... *sigh* Just made me sad. Hopefully soon I'll be able to take Olivia to the theatre again. And I hope she'll like it like her mama does!

I am also looking forward to her first birthday party though! I hope it'll be as cute in reality as I see it in my mind. She'll be the cutest ladybug in town! :)


Aline Carson said...

LUCKY! Que vontade de ir a disney tb!!!! Nossa, a primeira e última vez que eu fui foi qdo eu tinha 11 anos...há quase 14 anos!!!
E que princesinha que a Olivia está...Mas não se desespere, qdo ela crescer vc pode fazer mais babies..ehehehe

Nani said...

Kika!!! Eu queria te pedir um grande favor... mas only if you feel comfortabe doing it! Eu queria muito conversar com alguem que tenha tido filhos aqui. Bryan e eu estamos pensando jah em babies e pesquisando... mas eu queria conversar com alguma brasileira, fazer perguntas... Se voce se sentir confortavel em me passar seu email ou ateh o telefone, (ou entao te dou o meu numero) eu ficaria muito feliz!!!!!
Pode me mandar por email, eh mais seguro.

Ah, Olivia ta mesmo cada dia mais fofa!!! Adorei a foto do "ipod", haha. Beijos e obrigada

whitney said...

Looks like you had loads of fun! Love the pic of Olivia laying on the floor. I just adore it when babies do that-so cute!