Monday, March 22, 2010

No Post Title, Just Feelings

Dear Olivia,

It is 7:27pm right now, Monday March 22, 2010. I am finally starting to feel better from a weekend full of stomach flu and am on the couch, watching Dancing with the Stars, while you stand next to my legs watching it as well. You just took a few steps from the couch towards the tv and as people on the screen started applauding the latest performance, you did the same. You are so cute and funny, it kills me!
Remember when you were in Heaven trying to decide what family you would come to and you chose Trevor and me? I sometimes wonder what drove you into that decision. Why us? Do you know why sometimes when I cuddle you to sleep I just look at you wondering what lullaby to sing next? I can't think of one because none really describes the amount of love I have for you, none is as sweet as your eyes, as comforting as your smile. Will you always remember that I love you with all my heart, that I would die for you, kill for you, walk on fire for you, go to hell and back for you?
I hope you know that. I hope you can feel it. It's been one year now since you've graced us with your presence, your sweet loving presence. You have learned to smile, to giggle and to laugh, you have learned to sit up, you respond to the name we gave you and you have spit up on us more times than we can count. You have learned a few cute sounds, you have started walking, you know who dada and mamae are, you like to turn the tv on and off with your tongue, you love to give us wet kisses, you also have the stinkiest poopy diapers on earth! You love going on walks, you have lots of fun on the swing at the park and you actually enjoy being at the daycare at the gym while your mama works out. You love your family, you're such a sweet delicate girl, you love to cuddle and we love to cuddle with you.
You have changed so much since you were born. That skinny fragile infant is not among us anymore. Your once straight black hair is now light brown and wavy. You have your grandpa Windhorst's hazel eyes and your mamae's nose. You also inherited your mamae's pudge belly and the butt... well that's a fight between your dada and your grandma Vila Nova. You surely have your dada's thick and strong thighs, which is the reason why only 18 month-old pants fit you right now. You have a beautiful natural tan that lots of people pay big bucks to have. You love to dance, you even dance to Law and Order's theme song! You're not a fan of movies but you seem to be hypnotized when Baby Signs is on. I love them too. You also love to eat, but mama is staying strong in her goal to not let you have junks or sweets until you're old enough to want them yourself. You are your dada's pride and he loves how obedient you are. You know your smile can get you whatever you want from your mamae but when dada means business, you listen. We love that about you.

We want to wish you a happy first year of life, Olivia. We pray that there will be many more to come! We want you to know that we could not be happier to have you in our family. You might grow to be our only child and we will do our best to provide you with the best opportunities there are in life. We might not give you brand name clothing - actually you already wear hand-me-downs. We might not buy you the latest generation electronics - heck, we are probably the only people on earth who don't have a flat screen tv. We will probably make you work and save money to buy your first car. But this we promise you: we will provide you with the best education and hope that you will love learning and languages and books as much as we do. We will take you to the parks, we will teach you to love and respect nature, we will make sure you visit your family and make good friends with them, we will try to teach you good work ethics and we will show you by example the goodness in being honest and the blessings that come from serving the Lord. We will be there to catch you each time you fall, we'll always have bandaids available and we will help mend those broken hearts. We will help dry your tears and we will hopefully be a reason for you to smile. We will do and be those things and much more because we love you, and we we could not love you any less!

Feliz Aniversario Meu Amor!
Mama e Dada


Cynthia Pratt said...

What a beautiful post. Kika, what matters you and Trevor are giving to her. I really liked when u mentioned ethics and education. you are "feeding" and "building" a citizen and not an empty mind! Happy birthday gostosa!!!

Hisis e Patrick said...

Concordo c a Cynthia!
Olivia nao precisa de nada mais do que vcs dao a ela.. amor, educacao e muito companheirismo e amizade! Hoje em dia as criancas so vivem c o celular texting.. ou em casa no proprio quarto jogando videogame... estamos nos ultimos dias e vc vai longe com sua maneira de educar ela! Parabens Kika.. e o post foi lindo mesmo.. um dia ela vai ter isso aqui p ler.. em momentos bons ou turbulentos q ela talzes tera.. mas pode ter certeza que ela nunca, mais nunca mesmo sentira sozinha no mundo.. pq ela realmente tem um pai e uma mae! e eu te admiro muito por isso! Parabens Olivia... vc e muito amada e querida! Obrigada por comparlilhar Kika!!

Price Family said...

coisa gostosa da Tia.
beijao e feliz aniversario!!!


Esta carta p/ Olivia eh de arrepiar.Simplesmente linda.
São palavras doces e sinceras que poucos e bons pais desejam aos seus filhos.
O mais importante é o que vc estão dando: AMOR.
Não importa onde,como e qndo a Olivia sempre vai contar com vc´s.

Parabéns à Olivia!!!
E parabéns pra vc e Trevor que são pais tão dedicados e amorosos que colocaram no mundo alguém tão linda e especial como Liv.


Aline Carson said...

Que liiiiiiiiiindo oq vc escreveu Kika, mto lindo mesmo, vc eh uma poeta!!!!!!! hehehe
Vc devia imprimir isso e guardar pra ela ler qdo ela for mais velha.
Parabens Olivinha!!!!

Edwards Family said...

Loved it...what sweet thoughts and what a good mama...I'm sure she knows how much she is loved! Happy Birthday Olivia!

whitney said...

She's so lucky to have such wonderful, loving parents! What a lucky girl!

Happy, happy birthday, Miss Olivia!

ps-we don't have a flat screen either and probably won't for a couple more years, at least. :)

Nani said...

Just so beautiful. I can feel your love for her reading this post Kika! Amazing! Happy Birthday Olivia!!!

By the way... Bryan and I don't have a flat screen tv either, hehe!

Laura said...

Beautiful, Kika.

And no sweat about no flat screen. Tyler and I don't have cell phones. Or cordless phones. Or caller ID.