Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh Hi There How Are Ya?

Has it really been almost two months since I last blogged? I can't believe it! I've thought about blogging a lot, actualy, and I think I need to be better at making a record of Olivia's developments and life. Yet I feel so tired all the time that I don't want to blog, or do much of anything else for that matter. How lame is that?!

Wel this is the raw version of what I've been up to:

I don't know if it's still PPD but I'm just exhausted... all... the... time. It feels like I use all the energy and physical strength I have to wake up and go to work and after that I am DONE. I lay on the couch and let Olivia play around waiting for her nap time to come, counting the minutes, the seconds. Even if she's not tired I put her in her crib and hope for the best. I nap too. I usually wake up from a nap feeling sick to my stomach but if I don't nap I don't want to leave the couch. Nausea, headache, muscle ache... where in the heck is all that coming from??? The cycle repeats itself until her bedtime. If Trevor is not working we might go out on a little walk or make dinner together. If it's just me and Olivia I call or text most the friends who live around here, asking who wants to hang out, to go to the mall, to walmart, ANYWHERE. Maybe if I get out of the house I won't feel as crapy? It usually works. So I am sorry I am a lazy bum recently, I'll try to do better.
But of course there are good days too! Olivia is the joy in our lives and she just makes us smile all the time! Today something really funny happened. She likes to put her hands on her face to hide her eyes as we ask "where's Olivia?" then she takes one hand off and we say "there she is!" or "picaboo!" and she giggles and giggles. Well today we were outside a little bit and I think she got tired. We came back inside and she was playing with her best friend and cousin Maya and then she sat down... she put her hands on her face and sat there... After a while Trevor started asking "where's Olivia?" to no response. Then Kat said "Is she praying??" and Trevor went closer and touched her and her upper body tipped over her legs. SHE HAD FALLEN ASLEEP! hahahahahah How funny is THAT? Love it! I wish I had taken a picture! I went there and brough her to bed. My sleepy and cute thing!

She is almost 14 months now. She walks everywhere! And dances, and "talks." The walking was also a funny thing. I think she started standing when she was 7 or 8 months and she would take one to three steps when she was about 11 months but never more than that. We had her bday party a week after she turned 1 and later that day she was walking EVERYWHERE! It was so weird! Both Trevor and I were looking at her in awe! Isn't it funny how those things happen from night to day?

So lets update you in pictures.
Here is March:

This was the invitation for her bday party.
I copied the idea from the TomKatStudio blog
and my friend Helga put it together. Isn't it cute?

Trevor stuck her face on the bday cake.
She spent the rest of the time licking herself like a little cat, so cute!
It was also the first time she had sugar... so you can imagine the diaper after that.

All cleaned up and wearing one of her new outfits and posing with mommy.
There are more pics of the party on our facebook.
I love this girl!
What are you laughing at? It's hard to walk or crawl at the pool!
(Lehi Legacy Center, AWESOME warm pool area!)

Here is April:
Easter. My grandma sent the tshirt that says "My 1st Easter"
in Portuguese and those are Brazilian Easter chocolate eggs. Yummie!

Going shopping.

Going shopping again.

Post piggy tail hair.
Big smile.Another big smile.
First time at a theatre performance. She did pretty good!
Gossiping away on my cellphone.
First time hiking the Y this summer.
There'll be more hikes to come.
She LOVED her backpack carrier!

Parent-Tot swimming classes at the Provo Rec Center.
She LOVES it!
As for May, I'll do it another time. This blogger is taking for-freakin-ever to upload pictures today. Or is it all the time? Anyway...
This girl is the love of our lives. She is amazing! We love her, so freakin much! You can also see some fun videos here.

What have you been up to? What are your plans for this Summer?



Enquanto o verão aparece por aí, aqui chega o OUTONO e com ele um friozão. Ainda bem que hje está mais quente.
Kikete ainda bem que Olívia te dá forças e alegria, né?!?!
Não tem como olhar para estas fotos e ñ sorrir.Liv eh linda demais!!!E parece ser uma menina tão divertida, sapeca e amorosa que dá vontade de atravessar o pc e enchê-la de bjo.

Espero q vc tenha uma excelente semana!E tudo vai se ajeitar...

Obgda pelo carinho de sempre.Amei ficar no chat do fb ontem com vc...


Laura said...


Now, just like I said, all mothers have advice for what works for them, and you have to figure out what works for you. But here's what works for me :). My OBGYN told me after Talmage was born that I was supposed to go on a walk the day I got home from the hospital. And that everyday I needed to get out. "Escape the four walls of your house," she said. That's been my key to enjoying and loving motherhood. I make sure that I leave every single day. I go on walks. I have memberships to Thanksgiving Point, the zoo, the Children's Museum, and This is the Place Monument. I go to the store. I go the the library. All the libraries. I go to the park. I go to a friend's house. I garden outside. I make presents for people and deliver them. I visit widows in the ward. If I am not happy as a mom, I scan over my day and inevitably I have been home all day.

And the trade-off--I think all of these experiences lots of places have been great for Talmage and Asher, too. Also, if I'm happy, I think that's the best thing for Talmage and Asher.

Samanta/Sammy said...

amei todas fotos,como ela cresceu né....os bebes se desenvolvem num instante...ela é linda de todo jeito,em toda foto,nossa é uma boneca!!!!amo o tema ladybugs..lindo o convite!!!!quando eu tiver uma menina vou fazer um cha de bebe com esse tema....


Nani said...

Nossa Kika, como ela ta linda!!!!! Eu amei os videos, vi outro dia que voce ma passou o link. Fiquei de boca aberta com seu marido falando portugues? Voce que ensinou ou ela jah falava antes de se conhecerem (porque voce diz que se conheceram numa roda de capoeira, nao foi? Ele jah tinha contato com brasileiros antes entao?)

Eu e Bryan jah nao sabemos mais o que fazer p ele aprender, eu tenho preguica de ensinar e ele preguica de aprender sozinho, haha.

Ah, antes que eu me esqueca, sou apaixonada pelo seu cabelo!!!! Lindooooo!!!

Tb to com saudades dos nossos papos. Aconteceu outra coisa que vai me impedir de levar os planos de gravidez pra frente... hernia no umbigo! To indo num medico em duas semanas ver isso direito. Detalhe, eu tive hernia inguinal ano passado, fiz cirurgia e depois apendicite logo em seguida, outra cirurgia. Agora que eu tava aqui feiz da vida que jah estava "healed" fisicamente e psicologicamente me aparece mais essa, hernia no umbigo. Ninguem merece! Soh Deus mesmo p me dar coragem!

Beijos Kika, qualquer coisa venho te contar.